Aug, 15

#SID15 – Hip Hop, A splash of Colour and Loads of Fun.


After months of planning, two & a half days
of exhibiting and a couple of Industry
parties – we have come back down to earth
from our #SID15 adventure.

To all our visitors, supporters, peers,
contributors and the team at Indesign,
thank you for all your support and
enthusiasm for our product.

We were proud to bring a splash of
colour to the Galleria by showcasing
our international ranges: Tilt from GoLo Studios
and the Pent Range from Pentagono Studio.
We also were excited to launch our new
Hip Hop range with Art Tops that
feature art work from local street artists.

The SID15 adventure was crazy,
exciting and at times intense,
but totally worth it.

We can’t wait to do it all again next year!